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Shady Horsemanship UK

Milton Keynes

Shady horsemanship believes when your horse starts to exhibit new behavioral issues, going back to horsemanship is the answer. And when you feel that you just don’t have that right connection with your horse – shady horsemanship can help you find it.

Shady uses horsemanship to correct behavioral challenges and help riders develop stronger connections with their horses. When you experience a challenge with your horse, or your riding ability, it can be very frustrating, and it’s often hard to find the answers you’re looking for, Shady can show you how to better the communication between horse and rider which will create higher levels of success

Shady horsemanship offers the following services
In house Training for all problems (schooling, breaking, jumping etc.)
Horsemanship courses
Demonstrations across the country
Group lessons (riding and groundwork)
Problem solving
And more!

Using a natural approach taking all the positive aspects from western and English riding, shady has found the right balance to get the best training results, he is experienced working with all Levels of riders from all Disciplines and will help you reach your goals including
Western Riding
and more!

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Bryerley Springs Farm, Galley Lane
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom
MK17 9AA

01707 326753

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