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Ahead Of The Pack Dog Walking Co


We offer a variety of customized dog walks, kennel free boarding, and Pet Sitting.
Julie Spindler, owner and operator of Ahead of the Pack, a dog walking company in Toronto, ON, has been a full time professional dog walker for over 20 years.
Her story begins when she was a mother of a very rambunctious Flat-Coated Retriever, named Sam and a loving obedient Sherpeii mix, named Natisha. Julie was a chef at an upscale Toronto restaurant and decided it was time to try something new. She knew that it had to be a job where she could take her dogs with her to work. She saw an ad in the paper for a dog walker for hire. She thought this would be the perfect solution to taking her dogs to work and make a living at the same time. And so, Ahead of the Pack was born. Julie has run a very successful dog walking business since August 1994.

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Don Mills

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