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Barnfield Play Paddock, Devon


My husband and I moved down to Devon in 2014 and initially set up the 1.5 acre paddock as a secure play area for our own pack of rescue sighthounds.

As several of our dogs have little or no recall, having our own enclosed paddock with 6.5ft deer fencing meant that we could watch our dogs run whilst keeping them in sight.

As we got to know local dog owners in the area, I was increasingly asked if they could use our paddock. Since then I have opened the gates to all kinds of dogs who use our paddock for all kinds of reasons.

So far our paddock has been used by many visitors who each have their own individual need, for example:
- Training purposes
- Reactive dogs
- Exempted dogs
- Dogs with no recall
- Dogs in season
- Elderly dogs who need a quiet place to play
- Rehabilitation of rescue dogs
- Group and breed meets are also welcome by arrangement.

I look forward to meeting you and your dogs soon!

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Barnfield Play Paddock, Ashwater, Beaworthy
United Kingdom
EX21 5EW

01409 211492

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