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World's Best Cat Litter

World's Best Cat Litter

Made from whole kernel corn, this clumping cat litter from the USA is 100% ecological. World's Best Cat Litter lumps into small clumps which are completely water soluble, so they may simply be flushed down the toilet. The clumps are easy to scoop up. Odour is effectively absorbed, so smell is hardly perceivable.

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“Easily the best, if a little pricey”
Ange Shaw

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1 Review

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Ange Shaw

Easily the best, if a little pricey

We have tried all kinds of cat litters, from clumping to non-clumping from grain to pebbles to charcoal lumps. World’s Best Cat Litter was recommended to us by the RSPCA and we can see why. It lasts ages, and is easy to clean out and filter.

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6 years ago

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