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WildWash is founded by Andrew and Jane Cooper. A passion for our pets lead us to open a pet boutique and pet spa nearly a decade ago and a love for animals and the environment we live in has inspired us to create WildWash.

WildWash has been developed to satisfy a genuine need in the market for truly natural shampoos and cosmetics for pets. As professionals we have spent years slowly and patiently developing a natural line of pet shampoos and cosmetics that we believe to be the best in the World.
We have collaborated with and sought advise and opinions from other professionals and have identified specifically what is required within a product range to be the ultimate, perfect pet care products from the perspective of the dog, cat or horse, the operator, both professional and pet owner and the environment.

We had a firm vision that the pet shampoo we wanted to make would be as good in every way as the highest quality human products available.

We consider ourselves therefore, very lucky to have been introduced to and accepted by, an acclaimed independent boutique apothecary responsible for some of the finest human products ever produced in the UK. They have embraced our project with a passion. In a sensitive and knowledgeable environment where products are still hand blended and hand stirred, a diverse and holistic mixture of plants, botanicals and essential oils have been put together to create WildWash shampoos and cosmetics.

Our amazing perfumer recognised as one of the top ten natural perfumers in the world has created the most complex and beautiful scents to compliment and enhance each particular shampoo and fragrance.

Our shampoos and products are Made in England and contain absolutely NO Parabens, Phthalates, Phosphates, Sulfates, Petrochemicals, Synthetic or Semi Synthetic Fragrances or PEG’s.

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