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Ruffle Snuffle Mat

Ruffle Snuffle

The best-selling luxury hide & seek snufflemat game for your pet. Our mission is to make pets happy!

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2 reviews

1 person recommends this product


“Guinea Pig Snuffle hunt”
Sam Shupac

“A great toy to keep your pet busy for a while”
Sam Shupac

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2 Reviews

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Sam Shupac

A great toy to keep your pet busy for a while

Great idea, you bury treats into the mat and dogs/cats/Guinea pigs/horses…snuffle them out. Washable too!


6 years ago


Sam Shupac

Guinea Pig Snuffle hunt

The guinea pigs got stuck into this mat and had fun snuffling out their treats. Dog not that fussed but that’s just my dog!

Not Recommended

6 years ago

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