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Bakers Dry Puppy Food


Puppies love the scrummy taste and exciting combination of textures in BAKERS® Puppy food. Each meal gives puppies a mixture of tender, meaty chunks* and crunchy kibble pieces combined with the taste of chicken or beef. Delicious!

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“for a named brand, not impressed”
Sam Shupac

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1 Review

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Sam Shupac

for a named brand, not impressed

We went for this from puppy biscuits and up to this adult version but I have to say the dogs were never enthusiastic about meal time and I’m assuming the multi coloured biscuits are for the owners eye as the dogs couldn’t care less. probably more additives too. Wouldn’t recommend. There’s better at less cost. Just because you’ve heard of a product and it’s on the supermarket shelves doesn’t mean it’s any good.

Not Recommended

6 years ago

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