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Burns Pet Nutrition

How it all began...

When I repeatedly saw the same pet health problems in my veterinary surgery I realised that there must be a common factor and research rapidly indicated that poor quality diet was at fault.

Due to the lack of high quality diets available at the time I recommended that my clients feed home cooked food made to my own recipes instead. The results were remarkable but, as many people found home cooking too daunting or time consuming, I decided to develop my own range of complete diets for dogs and cats.

"simple foods that allow the body to function naturally"

In 1993 Burns Pet Nutrition Limited was formed and John Burns' range of premium quality Real Food for Pets was launched. As the name implies, Burns Real Food for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits are just that; simple foods which are intended to allow the body to function naturally. All of my pet foods are made from the highest quality ingredients and without any pharmacologically active supplements. The products aim to let the body get on with what it does best: maintain and repair itself and prevent deterioration of the organ systems.

Highly digestible, quality ingredients
Burns pet food uses whole grains and high quality animal proteins. This makes the foods highly digestible meaning that feeding amounts are comparatively low and that the daily feeding cost is equally economical.

Animal welfare and organic farming techniques
The success of Burns Real Food for Pets has allowed me to achieve a long held ambition and produce a complete moist food made locally to my original recipes using locally sourced ingredients. To this end we purchased Penlan Farm, around 300 acres of former dairy farm on the outskirts of Kidwelly, South West Wales. The land is now farmed using organic techniques and, with large areas of the land given over to the creation of wildlife habitats, there is a strong emphasis on conservation. I believe very strongly in the importance of high standards of animal welfare and our responsibility to the world we live in. I personally oversee the development of the farm and even designed the individual huts the free-range hens live in.

The farm gives its name to our Penlan Farm range of complete moist food for dogs. The Penlan Farm range is made in our own factory in the nearby town of Burry Port. Where possible all other ingredients are sourced from our own farm or from other ethical producers within South Wales. The only exception is the Organic Brown Rice which is sourced from an ethical producer in Italy due to a lack of Welsh paddy fields!

Penlan Farm’s free-range hens are kept in small flocks to reduce stress levels and they enjoy a natural diet which includes grain and vegetables from the farm. In the summer they produce so many eggs that the excess can be sold to the local community via roadside stands. The quality and flavour of the eggs is a direct reflection of the care taken of the birds which produce them.

Burns is a great example of a family run business which has remained grounded in the community.

Burns Pet Food is based in Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire West Wales.

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