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Dog Suit


100% Rainproof, Breathable, Warm and Washable

The Equafleece® Dog Suit has become one of our best sellers, a four legged garment for all over protection from the wet, improved drying and extra warmth.

There are no buckles, straps or velcro, and the area between the back legs is open so as not to interfere with bodily functions.

Each size has a standard leg length. If this is too long for your dog, once you’re happy with the body fit, you can trim the sleeves to your required length – Polartec® doesn’t fray.

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2 reviews

2 person recommends this product


“great doggy fleece with legs”
Sam Shupac

“Equafleece has been my must have for 13 years”
Anna Webb

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2 Reviews

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Anna Webb

Equafleece has been my must have for 13 years

I love all the Equafleece designs, especially the Dog Jumper with it polo neck. Its perfect for Bull terriers who hate going out in the rain. It is 100% rainproof so your stays bone dry - the Polartec fleece is used by mountaineers, so its good fabric! The high viz colour ways are ideal for dark winter walks!


5 years ago


Sam Shupac

great doggy fleece with legs

I think you can get these with or without legs but the one I have has four legs and is great for muddy days when ordinarily my cavapoo would need a bath I can just do paws! It’s a v v soft fleece so they have lots of movement, I’ve only heard good reports about these products. more than worth the cost…once fully grown!


6 years ago

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