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The Dog and I

The Dog and I offers gorgeous gifts for discerning dogs and their owners. Unique, funky, natural and organic are our buzzwords.

We will be adding new products and gifts to it over time and products may change but the ethics behind it remain the same. Handmade or of a very high quality. Eco friendly and natural. Or just because we liked it :)

‚ÄčEverything is handpicked by me for quality and the background behind it. I am very interested in homeopathic and alternative products and am open to enquiries from anyone who may be interested in me selling their products. Products should ideally be organic or at the very least with no 'nasties' Handmade with love is always of interest to me too. Anything which makes life more comfortable or enjoyable for our canine friends is included. If it can be bought in a run of the mill pet store or supermarket then its not for me. Please message me if you have a product that you think may 'tick my boxes' and we can have a chat!

‚ÄčMy mission is to source beautiful gifts and products from all areas of the globe. To make my dog and human customers happy and just generally make the dog owning world a great place to be !

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