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DoggyStyle Shampoo has only six ingredients.

Five of these are natural food grade products, two of which are certified organic. The sixth, derived from coconut oil and fruit sugars, is completely biodegradable.

When choosing any pet grooming product, it's worth considering that unlike the equivalent 'human' products, dog shampoo formulas are largely unregulated. (even though they'll touch your skin too) Manufacturers don't even have to list the ingredients on the packaging. This means the 'nasties' being phased out of human products due to health concerns, could find their way into animal products instead!

DoggyStyle Shampoo was created from scratch to be confident there's nothing harmful in there. So, after extensive research, we are proud to announce our new shampoo for 'Filthy Dogs' and 'Dirty Bitches' has NO:
GMO, no SLS, SLES lauryl sulphate (sulfate), laureth sulphates, no Parabens and phthalates or formaldehyde, no colouring, no 'Parfum' (the generic name for any type of fragrance, artificial or not!) ...Or anything else that could harm you or your pet.
And, because a dogs skin can vary between pH5.5 to pH8.5, the DoggyStyle Shampoo range is formulated to have a value of pH7 ...The same as pure water.

Buy any of our products with complete confidence - Macy (DoggyStyles Top Dog)

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